Sociology : Social Science And Sociology

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According to the history of sociology, it was the nineteenth century that sociology emerged, with the word ‘ sociology ’ appeared in the Cours de philosophie Positive Book 4[ Auguste Comte,1838 Cours de philosophie Positive] by Comte in 1838. The social forces, however, were complicated actually, which included both social, economical, cultural and even a little bit of political or religious elements. This essay explains these factors in the following part.
2.1 Social Science and Sociology
The philosophes found that what the Bible said could not be taken for granted and began to highlight to learn the secular science to know deeply about human nature during the period of the Enlightenment.Even though the philosophes in France or the whole Europe then began to learn secular social sciences,the sociology did not emerge as a scholarly discipline at that moment. There are obvious differences and close relationships between social science and sociology. First of all, it can be said that sociology is included by social science because social science is a wild concept that contains a large variety of scientific branches which are about the society, e.g. economics, anthropology, political science, psychology, history, law and sociology, etc. Secondly, the beginning of social science triggered the emergence of sociology. When the philosophes tried to think beyond the Bible, they started to develop ‘ moral science ’ to think what human beings were, what the human nature was ,which
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