Sociology : Sociology And Sociological Thinking

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Sociology and sociological thinking are a vital part of society, and through examining both society and individuals, sociology is able to make changes to areas such as policies, and attitudes that may have usually negatively affected them, and instead gained a positive result through the careful research, and applied knowledge. Sociology is the study of groups and individuals and the cause and effects of each, to each other, and overall society. ‘Sociology is a technical and difficult subject and that its value to public discussion lies in this very complexity and difficulty (2005:407-408)’ (Braham 2013:125), it is due to this that the definition of sociology between academics is not definitively defined, as each view sociology and society as various different things. As (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill [online]) states, Sociology is diverse, and under the subject lies and micro and macro topics, which range from culture and race to crime or social issues. It is through this, however, that we are able to understand societies and individuals, especially when character is called into question, as it enables sociologists to analyze their personal lives, and their lives in society to completely be able to judge them and their behavior. This is increasingly important among criminals, as we are able to retrieve information surrounding them that would not have been evident when simply studying the crime. This is further supported by the view by (Mills, 2000:7) who
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