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Zhenwen Li Sociology 215: Sociology of Education Monday & Wednesday 5:00 pm – 6:15 pm Instructor: Dr. Ryan C. Sperry Inequality on education The Decision from case, Brown vs. Board of Education, which protested against segregation due to race on education. It has been more than 60 years after the case, Brown vs. Board of Education. However, the unequal and separation still exists among races on education. It was still expected the inequality would decline in 10 years and the numbers of multi- racial students are expected to grow about 44 percent. In other words, the percent of white students would eventually shrinked due to rise of other races in USA. The problem of education system would expose. The gap between race and white students becomes problematic because the education system does not serve for minority. Education expectation for black students were lower compared to white students because of “lower wealth, lower health, lower social status, lower parental education levels, etc”. According to the author, the rate of black students obtain higher education were not expected high like white students because parental education was low. Personally, I believe it is a stereotype that parents with low education would cause children not getting higher education. Among other race, such as Asian, even though the parents had little education, parental expectation on children receiving higher education is extremely high. In fact, how to educate children is different
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