Sociology : The Social Problem Of Poverty

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Sociology is the scientific study of interactions and relations among individuals. Sociology allows people to understand why groups of people act the way they do, and allows us to examine their culture, background, and heritage. The study of sociology also explains how culture plays a role in the way groups of people act, and how it reflects their society. C. Wright Mills said that the sociological imagination is the ability to look beyond the personal troubles of people to see the public issues of social structure. Mills also believed that without a sociological imagination, individualistic bias makes people think that individuals are the source of trouble, when some of the worst problems are caused by social forces. You could use a…show more content…
Mass media plays an important and vital role in determining the cultural boundaries around factors that include gender, race, and class. In a globalizing world with more technology and media, cultural interdependence is an effect. Social institutions are often interdependent, and they function to solve problems that make it possible for people to live together in society. Changes in one social institution tend to cause changes in at least one other social institution. Marriage and family are two social institutions that are interdependent; sociologists study the relationship between marriage and family because marriages are usually what create families, and families are an important unit on which society is built. Unlike the conflict and functionalist perspectives, symbolic interactionism is concerned with the micro level of society. Symbolic interactionists are concerned with the social dynamics of individual families and marriages interacting with each other. Symbolic interactionists would say that behavior in both marriage and families is altered by definitions and meanings that are produced and kept through symbolic interaction with other individuals. Symbolic interactionism analyzes patterns of communication, interpretation, and adjustment between individuals, and the theory is a framework for understanding how individuals interact with each other through the meanings of symbols. Social change within a
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