Sociology : The Social Study Of Human Relationships And Societies

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Sociology is the social study of human relationships and societies. This topic covers racial boundaries, social codes, patterns/behaviors, and countless other topics. Experts examine situations such as, how different people interact with one another, how the societies change as years go by, and who is on top of the totem pole as far as social order. When the concept of sociology is brought into your life, your brain adds in a whole new dimension of thinking. The way you perceive certain scenarios are completely altered from how you would have taken them in before learning about all this new information. Seeing the tiny little details that are effected by just social status or culture will leave you in absolute shock, but the problem is…show more content…
Mills then goes on to explain more in depth, but he is just trying to say that people feel trapped and don’t know what is going on because they don’t have the ability to look at themselves through the sociological lens. You must be able to recognize the difference between issues that hurt the entire society and personal issues that only effect a certain person. With all that being said, that is why this is not just an easy topic to pick up. There is a lot of understanding and specifics that need to be found.
After Mills was able to explain to me the concept of sociology, I continued reading into what the sociological perspective encompasses. Is it just looking at the race of someone or finding the location of where the individual lives? No, it is just not that simple. This different perspective lets you step into someone else’s shoes and see what is happening and why it is happening. An example of this can be pulled from a passage called Teenage Wasteland by Donna Gaines. Gaines notes “But I was really pissed off at what I kept reading. How people in Bergenfield openly referred to the four kids as ‘troubled loser.’ Even after they were dead, nobody cut them any slack. ‘Burnouts,’ ‘druggies,’ ‘dropouts.’ Something was wrong. So I took the opportunity” (Gaines 8). There was this group of four kids that committed suicide with one another and before even thinking, people attempted to go
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