Sociology: Understanding Different Terms

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Q1. Equality vs. Hierarchy The term equality has a deep and meaningful perceptive connotation associated with it. Some people may argue that equality exists in terms of finances and distribution of wealth, but some may associate this term with power. There are individuals who associate it with behavior with individuals based on their race and ethnicity. Every individual has his own meaning for this term. However, no matter how much individuals try to stimulate this term the reality is that the existence of this phenomenon has been, is and will always remain difficult to create. Throughout the human life since the creation of world, equality has never existed. Inequality has always won its war against equality in some way or the other. Equality in short can be defined as a state in which each and every individual has equal access to things with reference to money, resources, opportunities, income, and wealth, political and legal rights. But it is impossible. Disparity is created as soon as individuals, even one of them, do not get an appropriate access to any of the above mentioned factors. However, inequality has existed since the inception of mankind. Initially, inequality existed amongst males and females. Males were considered to be more powerful hence females used to get oppressed by the powerful ones. Males had access to all they wanted without any question being raised on them whereas females had to accept whatever they got from the powerful ones even if they

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