Sociology and Anticipatory Socialization

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Dayana’s Group Case Study The Church Search 1.) How have Marsha’s experiences so far represented aspects of the anticipatory socialization process? Is it also possible to consider anticipatory socialization from the point of view of the church searching for a new pastor? What does anticipatory socialization look like from the organization’s point of view? * There are a couple experiences Marsha went through so far that represent aspects of the anticipatory socialization process. The first is when she is in her living room reading through the profiles of churches, when she stubbles upon Nancy’s church she knew their values and mission matched her commitments. That’s where she got a general idea of Nancy’s congregation.…show more content…
* There are no specific steps to help her “make sense” of the new church but Marsha can use the newcomer information-seeking tactics and the church be supportive with her questioning. With the congregation helping Marsha with here questions and concerns she can get into routine where she starts to feel as an insider. 4.) A pastor’s role is one in which the “supervisor” could be seen as the congregation. How could the leader-member exchange model be adapted to account for these kinds of organizational positions? * The role routinization phase there would be a little adaptation to the in-group stage for organizational positions like a pastor. The in-group would be characterized by high trust where the congregation has trust for on another. High influence due to “what the people want” with the majority of superiority through the people of the congregation, might lead to an out numbering with decisions. Mutual rewards, high rewards coming from morality with having the ability to spread the “word of god”, and the community itself and the low rewards would come from the church isn’t built to turn a profit. High support with the amount of people who are members of a congregation there would be a lot of support with the pastor to make sure things go as planned and smooth. Latitude in task development where everyone would most likely all have the same outlook, goals, and pace of

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