Sociology and Consumer Society

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TM02 Plan • Introduction • Consumer Society – choices and freedom • Seduced and the Repressed • Consuming uses and behaviour • Baumans theories • Supermarkets – how they seduce us • Why big supermarkets can sell cheap goods and small shops can’t compete • Repressed cant compete • Conclusion –do we have freedom of choice TMA02 Explore the claim that consumer society is characterised by freedom of choice. Introduction. • My essay is going to look at the claim do we have a freedom of choice in Consumer Society , and is it characterised by different concepts or is it by choice we shop and do things in certain ways. Living in today’s consumer society gives us freedom of choice dependant on our…show more content…
Bigger supermarkets can afford to give unbeatable offers due to buying in mass quantities cheaply and also the fact that most supermarkets are out of town offering easy access and everything under one roof. Our choice of supermarket is often ruled by our friends/work colleagues due to class distinction if we shop at the cheaper one noses get turned up, if we shop at the more expensive questions are asked ‘how can you afford . ‘Supermarkets/stores enticing you in through their doors goes back to the industrial era, where the early department stores first opened up to the wealthy seducing them with a variety of goods that before could only be bought from specialist people, it then progressed to letting the poorer working class in through the doors i.e Selfridges opened its doors to the wealthy then decided to hold the Penny sale days where the poorer could have a taste of the luxuries they sold, Woolworths then came along and catered for all walks of life. Slowly over the years the big stores have taken custom away from the smaller ‘corner’ shop causing many to close down due to too much price competition, many people preferring to go to the bigger shops
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