Sociology and Culture Universal Culture

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SOCIOLOGY derived from the word socio comes from the latin word socius which means companion with others and logy comes from the greek word logos which means study of. AUGUSTE COMTE father of sociology. Make him a pioneer - used the method of positivism. - he used techniques in observation, comprehension and experimentation. HARRIET MARTINEAU she translate everything the Comte wrote into English. She fought for women’s liberation religious toleration emancipation of slaves. HERBERT SPENCER society is like an organism (organismic view) which means society has part that has specific function. EMILE DURKHEIM the behavior of a person must be understood by a context content. Contribution: study of suicide i.…show more content…
Not judging. VALUE – is something good. Standards. Important. Beautiful. VALUES FORMATION 1. PRE CONDITIONAL STAGE: Childhood - Ideas imposed/taught by people who have power over us. 2. CONVENTIONAL STAGE: Youth - Identify with our peers. 3. POST CONVENTIONAL STAGE: Adulthood - Internalizes what values are good for him. FILIPINO VALUES 1. CLOSE FAMILY TIES – family is the most important unit of society. Source of strength. 2. SOCIAL ACCEPTANCE – to be recognized/acknowledge by others. a. PAKIKISAMA – to get along with others. b. EUPHEMISM – stating an unpleasant truth so not to offend others c. USE OF GO-BETWEEN – to preserve smooth interpersonal relationship. d. PAKIKIRAMDAM 3. PERSONALISM – importance of person with whom we have face to face interaction. a. NEPOTISM – employment of people who are related 4. NONRATIONALISM – tendency to see things as sacred. a. ANIMISM – belief the spirit pervade us. b. FATALISM – having matters as they are because nature will take its course. 5. BAYANIHAN – helping with one another and friendship with one another. 6. UTANG NA LOOB – “infinite responsibility”. Unending gratitude extended to you. 7. HOSPITALITY – warmly open their homes even to strangers. Warm welcomes. CLASSIFICATION OF GROUPS I.
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