Sociology and Easily Governed Society

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Frederick the Great, an eighteenth century Prussian king known for his tyrannical rule, once stated, "An educated people can be easily governed." When taken in the context in which he spoke, that of a ruler who demanded complete domination over his subjects, one would take his quote with only one meaning, that more intelligent people can be easily governed. Ignoring the speaker and his reputation, however, this quote then becomes open for discussion. One could read these words and believe that “easily governed” referred to a people who tend to be more law abiding and can therefore be more easily controlled through a system of punishments. This could also be applied in a way to state that those individuals would be less likely to rise…show more content…
These well-educated individuals will watch the newscasts, read the articles on governmental action or inaction, and listen to the radio hosts who speak on the issues and seem to support their way of thinking. They will argue with friends, family or co-workers and utter phrases like "I can't believe (insert politician name here) did that" or "we really need to fix . . ." or "We need to do something about . . . because they can't get away with it." Tying in the previous argument that well-educated individuals have more to lose and are therefore, more law-abiding, these individuals will do little more than debate. These individuals value their socioeconomic status too much to risk it by protesting in the streets demanding for the resignations of corrupt politicians or politicians who act against the Constitution. This makes for a more easily governed society because they will not rise up against the government. Nothing negative could be said about a law abiding society. Society would operate much more smoothly without the existence of crime. An interpretation of the quote above leads one to believe that if only society were well educated, its members would think before engaging in criminal behavior and logically, there would be an end to crime. Is that really the case though? Based on the events
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