Sociology and Internet

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Background Due to the rapid advancement of the information technology, the World Wide Web (WWW) has now become a multifunctional tool. People can get lots of things done through the Internet, chatting with friends through MSN, shopping on, settling the credit card bill, making new friends through the Facebook, reading newspaper on, etc. Besides, when we want to search for information, we can simply “Google” it, and we get what we want. It is no doubt that the Internet has greatly sped up the flow of information. In Hong Kong, the popularization of the Internet leads to the formation of different forums, for example,,, etc. The forums have provided a platform for people…show more content…
Freedom of Speech VS Personal Privacy Solove (2008) firmly argues that privacy is a fundamental right of citizens, which is a social value, is an essential component in the functioning of democratic societies. As private information is a kind of personal property, we shall ask for permission from the information owner before we assess their privacy on the Internet. Hence, from the society’s perspective, the behaviors performed by the web users would be classified as deviance, that is a social behavior does not follow the guidelines or expectations of society. It is no doubt that adverse effects brought by their pseudo expression of freedom of speech are serious, and such behavior of intruding other’s personal privacy is not the only way to achieve their intention. Therefore, in this case obviously the right of protecting personal privacy overrides the freedom of speech. In order to prevent serious effect brought by the deviant behaviors, measures have to be imposed to combat disclosure of private information. There are many means to achieve the goal, for example the moral education of using the Internet. Our group deems that legislation will be one of the most considerable means against disclosure of privacy on the Internet. According to Ms Susan So (2009), Director-General of Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children, stated that cyber
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