Essay on Sociology and Social Sciences

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The Social Sciences Complete and submit this assignment by the due date to receive full credit. (7 points) 1. Rank the seven social sciences (anthropology, economics, geography, history, political science, psychology, and sociology) according to what you believe is their importance and influence on the people in a modern society. Answer: 1.Psychology (How humans think influences most, if not all of the social sciences.) 2.Sociology (This helps figure out how society thinks. If you understand how society thinks, you can improve it.) 3.Political Science (Politics runs every country.) 4.History (This helps everybody now which ideas and actions were successful, and which ones were mistakes.) 5.Economics (Money also runs every…show more content…
Politically we are confronted with a host of issues ranging from matters pertaining to local taxation, planning, and zoning to regional (if not global) terrorism and other manifestations of conflict. The study of geography allows us to participate and enjoy our planet. Geography gives us a sense of reference to where we live and where we may be going in relationship to where we have been. Its appreciation of the world we live in. Anthropology is the study of human kind and culture, everybody wants to know where and how humans came to be. Some examples we can apply anthropology in our daily lives would be in relating to our families, friends, co-workers, in understanding work dynamics, in understanding and communicating with teens,, and in proposing new ideas, and plans. Its unique contribution to studying the bonds of human social relations been the distinctive concept of culture. Sociology is the study of the behavior of people and groups within society. This helps out how society works and thinks, If people understand how society thinks we can improve it. With this in mind, you can apply sociology theories and ideas to any scenario of daily life dealing with person to person interaction or even to an individual in regards to the society. For example, when you meet with a friend you treat that friend a certain
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