Sociology and Social Structure

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Social structure is the way society is organized into predictable relationships. There are five elements when you break down social structure. The first being status. We usually associate having a status to the amount of influence, wealth and fame. But sociologists use the term status to refer to any of the full range of socially defined positions within a large group or society, from the lowest to the highest. Examples of this are being a son or daughter, dental technician or the president of the United States. Sociologists also see some status to be achieved or ascribed and an ascribed status is when a person is assigned to it by society without regard for the person 's unique talents or characteristics. But the achieved status comes to…show more content…
Technology is defines how the society is and it means that its information about how to use the material resources of the environment to satisfy human needs and desires. The first type of preindustrial society is the hunting-and-gathering society, because they rely on whatever foods and fibers are readily available. Technology is minimal in this society. Later Horticultural societies used plant seeds and crops rather then subsist on available foods. People become less nomadic and place more emphasis on the production of tools and household objects. The last stage in the preindustrial development is the agrarian society. They primarily engage in the production of food. Technology seems to grow but is still quite basic. A industrial society is a society that depends on mechanization to produce its goods and services. THey rely on new inventions that facilitate agricultural and industrial production, and on new sources of energy, such as steam. The postindustrial society is an economic system that engages primarily in the processing and control of information. It focused on services rather than manufactured goods. Large numbers of people become involved in occupations devoted to the teaching, generation, or dissemination of ideas. Two specific sociologist had there own ideas about modern societies. Emile Durkheim agreed that social structure depends on the division
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