Sociology and Sociological Imagination

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Social Issue Sociology and Sociological imagination Sociology is the scientific study of human behavior in a social context that looks the values, attitudes and composition of a given society. Sociology looks at the religious believes, economic aspects, daily activities and political arrangements interact to build a society (Dillon, 2009). The examination of people considering the social forces shaping their attitude and behavior is what C. Wright Mills referred to as sociological imagination (Dillon, 2009). In the understanding of sociological imagination, believe and conviction on an issues can easily be change by a significant event. A sociological imagination acts as a force that shapes social values and attitudes in a given society giving a dictum on the virtues and vices. A society's conceptualization on issues thus results from interactions and occurrences that breed good and ill. Social imagination provides an overall understanding on developments contributing to values and attitude held in a society (Dillon, 2009). Social Issues and personal problem A social issue is one that is faced by a majority in a society and threatens or appear harmful to the commonly shared values in a society. A social issue is beyond an individual's ability of control given the extent to which it spreads. A personal problem is one that arises out of the choice an individual takes and it affects his/her personal efficacy. The ability of an individual to function in the society
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