Sociology as a Perspective

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Sociologist argue that “the sociological perspective is a way of thinking; a form of consciousness that challenges familiar understandings of ourselves and of others, so we can critically asses the truth commonly held assumptions” (Micionis and Plummer 2008:10). This essay supports this statement by analysing and discussing the significance of sociological perspective in our everyday lives. According to Peter L. Berger sociological perspective is described as the link between societal events and an individual’s life. Sociological perspective relates to sociological imagination, which was coined by C Wright Mills to illustrate the type of insight brought by the field of sociology (Isaksen undated). These concepts enlighten people’s…show more content…
Suicide is an act that is most controlled by social regulation and degree of integration around individual. According to Emile Duncan they are four types of suicide: egoistic, altruistic, anomic and fatalistic. Egoistic suicide is suicide is performed by individuals who feel alone and they have no one to communicate with, due to poor societal integration. Altruistic suicide is due to individuals sacrificing their own lives for the good of others, this usually occurs during political wars or community strikes. Anomic suicide is due to lack of control in a person’s life. This group of people usually have no elderly person to guide and monitor them. Fatalistic suicide is common in teenagers, this type of suicide results from too much control, teenagers often find their guardians to be too controlling, this becomes stressful to them as they would want to experiment freedom without boundaries. A person’s surroundings can influential towards ending their own life.
Politics affects individuals as circumstances such as war can influence people’s career choices and economic status. The government that runs a country influences the laws that govern the citizens and also influences decisions made at a national level, which in turn affects the national economy.
Social forces are developments that impact on people’s thoughts and actions. One of the most common social forces that have a great influence on people’s lifestyle is media. The
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