Sociology assinment Essay

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Mevish G Raja Dr. Mahin Gosine SOC 101 Virtue is a moral excellence. The person who is virtuous has very high standards that are admired. Virtues are very important these day. In order to have more productivity and be better than competitors leaders started to debunk rules and play fair in marketplace. Virtues are becoming things of past and because of that American people have to deal with leaders who are cheaters and liars. Virtues saves us living the life that is socially unaccepted. They also make us better person and those people who are around us. Virtues are better for society. Society without good morals fails. Owners and executives of large business corporation have been in trouble because of the lack of moral excellence. Many…show more content…
Character makes one person different than other person. A person with good character is respected and earns trust of other people. Leaders in the past worked hard and did what people expected them to do and they knew if they did something wrong they would be accountable for it. Character was everything for them. How people perceive them was determined by their characters. Character is more important than wealth and health. In many areas of the world people would end their lives rather than losing their character. Dishonor is worse than death to the noble people. What an individual does is responsible for their downfall. Some leaders can’t control their sexual desire and get in trouble after that which brings their character down and all people laugh at them and they lose the precious thing they had character. Intelligent leaders know that more power you have the power responsibility it brings you. People respect those leaders who believe in education not because to get a good job but education makes you think what is right and what is wrong. They want good things to happen to every person in America not just few people. And make America a better place to live. Effective leaders understand that whatever they do in one area of field will impact the other areas of their lives. Since the 2008-2009 American people started to keep closer eye on their leaders. They expect leaders to have good behavior rather than social standings. They

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