Sociology in the Workplace Essay

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1. Identify and explain the four (4) ways in which marginal jobs deviate from the norms expected of work. Then explain which members of the labor force have the highest likelihood of working in marginal job and why. According to the text, norms that are expected out of work are: (1) the job content should be legal; (2) the job should be institutionally regular; (3) the job should be relatively stable; (4) the job should provide adequate pay with sufficient hours of work every week to make a living (Hodson, & Sullivan, 2007, p. 327). Marginal jobs are those that diverge from one or more of these expected work norms. This may be subjective because two people might disagree on whether or not wages earned for a job are adequate. Marginal …show more content…
Deskilling a job has direct correlation to the amount of scientific management put into the labor process. The mixed-effects position is a combination of the two. As technology has increased, some skills in the workforce have increased while other diminished. Skills tend to change as technologies evolve. Technology advances has been most dramatic in clerical and service work, which has led to the deskilling of labor. The basic job of this service work is to handle, maintain and process information. Improvements such as the computer, voice recognition software and automation processes have led to the deskilling of this service work. As a result of this technology people are now facing the threat of losing their job because a process has been changed, upgraded or eliminated.

3. Compare and contrast the role of employer, customer and worker in service interactions. Explain how the worker may manipulate the service interaction. Define emotional work and explain when and why “losing it” and “burnout” may occur. Service interaction is the interfacing and communication between the service provider and service recipient. It may come in various forms such as in person, over the telephone or indirectly through mail or email. Whatever form it takes, the service provider and recipient must be able to meet their standards for a successful interaction (Hodson, & Sullivan, 2007, p. 233). The

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