Sociology of Crime

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Social Issue: Crime Crime affects all human beings regardless of their race, religion, age, or nationality. Some groups will encounter crime on a more regular basis than others and a primary example of this socioeconomic state. According to sociologists, crime is caused by deviation from the accepted norms of the society (Andersen & Taylor 2009). Traditionally, lower income areas within a society will have more crime and more violent crime than areas with more economic advantages. This makes sense; areas with higher incomes will be less likely to experience theft as people can afford necessities as well as luxuries. People with less money and less possessions will be more likely to feel encumbered by their lack of financial excess and will steal in order to acquire money and goods which they could not otherwise possess. Areas with lower incomes are also more likely to have heavy drug use and prostitution which sociologists argue has to do with a psychological need to escape the dire reality of their living situations. Sociology is the study of the workings of a given social group and crime is a major negative factor in groups which sociologists should study. Therefore, this issue is an important one in the field of sociology and to those who study societies. By examining the link between social and economic status and crime it is possible to identify ways and means of limiting criminal behavior and its negative impact on the societies in which the crimes occur. Economics
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