Sociology of Prostitution Essay

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Prostitution is one topic in which the causes have been debated by many. There are three theories that I will discuss throughout this paper. The theories include a functionalist, feminist, and social psychological view of the subject. The argument that appears more correct is a matter of opinion.

The functionalists believe there are two main reasons why a person would become a prostitute. The first reason deals with sexual morality. To break it down further the argument is that our sexual morality system, while condemning prostitution, actually and inadvertently encourages it. We live in a society that encourages the belief that sex with a spouse is “meaningful” while sex with a prostitute is “meaningless.” This idea may actually
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Feminist also argue that society teaches boys to dominate girls and are expected to continue this behavior into adulthood. On the other hand society teaches girls to be submissive to boys, and to remain that way into adulthood. To prove this the feminist point out that prostitution is more prevalent in societies in which there is a greater presence of gender inequality. The basic idea is that prostitution and a male patriarchy support each other. This is because prostitution supports and encourages the idea that all women can be bought or are less valuable then men.

Finally let’s look at the Social Psychological Theory. This theory argues that there are three main reasons why some women become a prostitute. First are predisposing factors such as parental neglect, child abuse, or some other traumatic event. Attracting factors such as the belief that a women can have an easy life or make allot of easy money as a prostitute. And precipitating factors, such as unemployment, peer pressure, or other outside influences. While predisposing factors may cause a women to consider becoming a prostitute, it is unlikely she will actually become one without some of the other listed factors.

In my opinion each theory states a very convincing argument. It is difficult to remain unbiased when thinking of this topic due to our personal beliefs. Although the supporters of each theory
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