Sociotechnical Systems Essay

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The concept of sociotechnical systems was created in the 1960’s as a part of organizational development research by E. Trist and F. Emery. Ranging from a small system between you and your phone, to the interaction between human behaviors with massive technical infrastructures society has developed in hopes to boost performance and quality for both the societal and technical side of the system (Fischer).
The essential impression behind a sociotechnical system refers to the interrelatedness that humans, which are the social aspect of the term, and non-humans, which are the technical aspect of the term, have networks between each other. It is how a human interacts with the particular technology and in conjunction how technology inscribes
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This complex concept tries to branch out the underlying terms within the concept, the social perspective, and the technical perspective.
Someone with a social perspective views society as having control over the technologies they have and can eliminate their capabilities at any time without repercussions, be it societal through the environment or personally, the way you act and behavior now that a technology or artifact has now been in existence for however long or you’ve been around utilizing it for granted.
Now on the other end of this spectrum comes someone with a pure technical perspective on this concept. There are a number of personalities that may push aside society and create their new technology for only personal gains, be it money, or malicious intent. Technologies built to destroy societies and ideologies, specifically war and those behind the weaponry for such wars. Perhaps these were accidentally designed without the societal repercussions in mind for when they come into play down the road, but nevertheless that have in the most extreme situations, destroyed societies.
We can sit here and analyze sociotechnical systems for an endless amount of time. I’m going to hand select a few I have had experience with. I used to work for a private company called Day
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