Socks: A Short Story

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“Do you have the socks?” she whispered.
“All 10 of them, I might even be able to get more,” I replied
“Great job so far. As a reward, I’ll give you half. Keep this up, and we’ll be stacked!”
“I still don’t believe that this is right, but I’ll do it if you stay quiet.”
“Alright, calm down kitty. You’ll see in time that this is just what we have to do.” Over the course of 6 months, in total Bellatrix and I made off with socks from birds, dogs, mice, and turtles which added up to 350 socks in total. As time passed, I began to believe that my actions helped me survive, and I became obsessed with the idea of socks. With socks, I could control people to do tasks for me, and I was felt powerful as if I could reach the beaming light at the end of the bridge. However, my world came crushing down on me when Fritz started walking towards me on a gloomy Friday afternoon. “Hey Lucy! Can I get some socks back? Winter’s coming, and we need all the socks we can get. I’m sure all the other animals
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I should’ve told you a while ago. I was blackmailed into scamming you out of your socks by another cat. She knew that I protected you, and she used that to make me scam you out of your socks. But over time, I began to believe that what we were doing was okay, which is the worst part! I only have 60 socks left even thought you have me 115, so I decided that I will work off every sock I ow-” “It’s okay,” he blurted out. “Wait. What do you mean? Mice won’t be able to sleep during the winter because of me!” “I get it. The same situation would have happened to anyone. They can just share socks instead this winter. We’re friends, and you sold me out. Believe me, I realize that, but I still care about you, think and thin. If I lost my family and was desperate to find a home, I would probably do what you did. Promise me that you’ll leave the Kats though. They’re not worth of you.” Speechless, a smile formed on my mouth, and I hugged Fritz with all my might. “I
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