Socrates, A Classical Greek Philosopher

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Socrates, born in 470 BC in Athens, Greece, was a classical Greek philosopher and is believed to be one of the founders of Western philosophy. He lived a good 71 years until his death in 399 BC. Although Socrates never wrote anything down, we still know quite a bit about him. Everything we know, we have learned through the writings of one of Socrates’ students, Plato. One very famous phenomenon we learn from Socrates is Socrates’ Socratic method. It essentially laid down the building blocks of Western logic and philosophy and it consists of five steps. The first step is to make a statement; the second is to then look for exceptions. The third step comes in two parts. It states that if an exception is found then the statement is either imprecise, or flat out false. Further comes step four that says that if the statement is imprecise then to revise it. Finally step five is to repeat. A lot of people were not Socrates’ biggest fans, which leads us to the charges and trial of Socrates. He was put into trial for being impious and corrupting the youth. Although some may argue that Socrates was an evil, unjust person that led a bad life and was a troublemaker, I affirm that Socrates led a good and honorable life due to his great wisdom in admitting that he knows nothing. His awareness of his own ignorance makes him an admirable person. To begin with, Socrates was quite the character. His soul life mission consisted of using philosophy to achieve practical results for the
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