Socrates And Not Antigone : An Effective Policy For Improving The Health Of Their City

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Contrary, to popular belief, most political actors who have fought against tyranny in the hope to improve the health of their city have done so unsuccessfully just as Antigone was unsuccessful while a select few like Socrates have succeeded. The reason this is so is that most political actors, whether their intentions were genuine or disingenuous did not have a well put together policy that would have improved the health of their city. Accordingly, political actors began to wonder what exactly is the most efficient policy that one should establish that would have a greater contribution to the health of a city? Consequently, I argue that Socrates and not Antigone had a superior policy for improving the health of their respective cities…show more content…
On the other hand, Socrates unlike Antigone had a strategy that was effective in reaching his aim in order to improve the health of the city. Socrates strategy unlike Antigone’s was actually well conceived and because of that was far more effective. According, to the book The Trial and Death of Socrates by Plato, Socrates tells the jury that he was able to in fact able to accomplish his goal by living a private life instead of a public life in order to give himself more time to accomplish his goal (Apology pg. 34). This strategy is not only very thought through but is effective for three reasons. First, by trying to accomplish his goal privately instead of publicly he granted himself more time to reach his goal since if he tried to do this publicly the Athenian council would have silenced him long ago. Second, by trying to reach his goal privately he was able to reach a larger audience since anyone could have heard him speak about various topics and debate those who claimed to be wise. As a result,of this Socrates gained many followers like Crito and Plato, who helped him spread his message in order to reach his goal. Third, by initiating this strategy Socrates unlike Antigone was able to directly improve the health of the city by successfully providing a service that the people of Athens clearly needed.
However, besides looking at the aims of these two characters it is also important to assess
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