Socrates And Polemarchus's Definition Of Justice

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Polemarchus starts by piggybacking off of what his father said. Polemarchus says that justice is basically giving people what is rightfully theirs. Socrates has a problem with this so he tests Polemarchus definition of justice and uses it in an example to see if Polemarchus will still stand by what he said. Socrates says well what if your friend lets you borrow a sword and asks for it back but you know that they have the intention of harming someone with it. Socrates wants to know if Polemarchus would still consider giving the person the sword back since he claimed that justice is giving people what is rightfully theirs. Polemarchus then says that’s not what justice is and revises his definition that it is justice to give someone not…show more content…
Thrasymachus goes on to say that when the rulers do this they are not doing it unintentionally because rulers do not make mistakes, therefore, the laws actually are in some way in their interest. Socrates then says that the role of a ruler is to rule so they must have interest for their subjects. Which goes back to what he was saying before about the rulers as lawmakers making laws in the interest of their subjects.

Thrasymachus then says that some people who appear to be good actually aren’t they only appear to be good because they are actually too afraid to break the rules or they are just stupid. He says that smart people break the rules and that they are courageous for doing so. It is clear at this point when Thrasymachus says that injustice is actually a good thing and if you have to chance to commit an injustice and get away with it you should if it will give you more power because the more power you have the better your life is. Socrates stops him and tells him that he is incorrect. Socrates says that at some level there has to be justice he uses an example of thieves and how on some level they incorporate justice by trusting other thieves. If thieves could not trust other thieves then there could be chaos among them and chaos bring weakness. This disproves what Thrasymachus says about committing injustice whenever you can because it will give you power. Socrates disproves Thrasymachus’ third statement by speaking
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