Socrates And The Apology Of Socrates

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Socrates is quite the unique individual compared to most, if not all, other Greeks at that time. In the Apology, Socrates gives an analogy of himself being a gadfly and that his gadfly like actions are favorable for Athens and that the actions are goods he is providing. From his service he claims to live a more private life than a public life when discussing virtue. This paper is going to discuss Socrates and his analogy of a gadfly, approach to others about virtue, his conduct effect on democracy, and a comparison to a contemporary person that is similar to him. Firstly is Socrates’ analogy of himself being a gadfly. He states “... you will not easily find another who, if I may use a ludicrous comparison, clings to the state as a sort of gadfly to a horse that is large and well bred but rather sluggish from its size, and needing to be aroused” (Mulvaney 24). Socrates has said before that he absolutely adores Athens. It is known for being a wise and strong city, and he would not leave Athens. He wants Athens to remain that way and he tries to provoke people to act that way by examining them. Socrates wanted people to be their true self and improve their personality. He talks to people in person or small groups and this is where the comparison to a gadfly can be valid. A gadfly is small compared to a large bulky horse, but when the fly stings the horse one part will twitch in turn causing another part to twitch. Socrates is the gadfly and his actions permeate throughout the
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