Socrates Apology Analysis

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In her analysis of Socrates’s frame of work, Roslyn Weiss defends Socrates to seeker of knowledge. Weiss argues that Socrates should be viewed as a skeptical inquirer because of his pursuit to what is x? As Weiss puts it, Socrates is aware of his own ignorance and knows that one cannot know what things are by simply using definitions.
She emphasized for one to a teacher, one must be an expert. From this point of view, it can be inferred that to teach someone you must have all the background and current information on that subject. As humans, we can only recognize to the extent to which we know something and when we do not know (Weiss, p.251). The one true being that is knowledgeable about all things is the gods.
For instance, in the
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By testing others, Socrates views are confirmed (Wiess, p.248).
As a result, Socrates does not try to persuade others to adopt a specific set of commitment because he himself does hold commitment to his arguments (Wiess, p.246). He rather uses the opportunity to suggest alternative to his interlocutor’s answer.
The other view argues that Socrates is a preacher, one who attempts to persuade others to adopt a specific set of commitments. To take this side of the argument, we must reject Weiss’s interpretation that Socrates is a seeker. One evident from the Euthyphro that supports this view is 10d-10e. In this passage, Socrates is listening to Euthyphro’s explanation of how the gods determine their love for pious things. Euthyphro makes the case that the gods detect pious things and they love them. On the other hand. Socrates does not seem to agree with Euthyphro’s claim.
He believes that the gods love what they love and in terms of piety the gods love something that is just pious. Therefore god-loved and pious are two different things which Socrates explained in detail of why the two are different. From this interaction, Socrates introduces his own definition. He defines Piety as a part of justice concerned with service to the gods. This interaction demonstrates Socrates as a preacher because he is trying convincing Euthyphro that his definitions of a piety lack precision because they
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