Socrates As A Martyr And Socrates

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In philosophy class this semester we spoke a lot about Socrates and his trial. We were required to read the dialogue ‘Apology’ by Plato. The ‘Apology’ Dialogue is what Plato recorded during the speech Socrates gave to the court defending himself against the charges of "corrupting the young, and by not believing in the gods in whom the city believes” these two were the main charges, but underneath that there were also other significant charges such as being considered an antidemocratic or pro-Spartan, sophistry, and being lampooned by Aristophanes in the comedy “clouds”. "Apology" in this sense has the meaning of speaking in defense of ones beliefs or actions. The trial is usually categorized into two interpretations which are: Socrates as a Martyr and Socrates as an Antidemocratic. The first interpretation which says Socrates trial and death was Socrates acting as a martyr; that interpretation is considered more “traditional” and “standard” compared to the ‘radical’ interpretation that stated that Socrates was Antidemocratic. A martyr has different meanings, a few definitions include: A person who is killed because of their religious or other beliefs, a person who exaggerates their distress in order to obtain sympathy, or a constant sufferer of something. The definition of a martyr which fit Socrates the most is ‘A person who is killed because of their religion or other beliefs” because he decided to die with his beliefs rather than change his beliefs and live which is a…

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