Socrates As A Moral Man

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One of the main propose of the story “Crito” center on its main character Socrates, who was a moral man, which had faith in some kind of God. Socrates saw himself as a gadfly, who was sent by God to educate the people in Athens on the injustices occurring around them. Socrates is willing to die for his beliefs of finding out the underling truth that the government tries to conceal from the people. The story presents an important question between Socrates and his friend Crito, as to whether the opinion of the majority is always right. A way we see how the majority works is in the political system. In one of the scenes in the story “Crito”, Socrates is lock up in jail, as the people in Athens believes he was corrupting the minds of the youth and inventing a new God which was impiety. The government had strong believes he corrupted the youth by questioning the morality of the Athen government, and the wisdom of its government leaders. The Athen government disallowed this from occurring because the youths were raised to become warriors. The Athen government did not want them to think or have outside distractions, while they were at war. The government could not afford for them to form any negative opinions they had, while they were at war. Overall, the City of Athen believed that Socrates had a huge influence on the people, and were afraid that he would lead a revaluation against the Athens government. The government threw Socrates in jail to be executed. Crito a…
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