Essay on Socrates' Big Decision

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Hard decisions come around in everyone’s life every once in a while. These decisions can mean everything to you and even be considered life and death situations. Imagine yourself in the shoes of a philosopher named Socrates who has to face a big decision of whether or not to escape jail after being sentenced to be executed. For him it was an easy decision to make and he backed it up with all the ideas he had in his conversation with Crito. Socrates did the right thing by not escaping from jail because if he had escaped he would be contradicting everything he ever believed and said, and that would be the worst possible thing for Socrates. Socrates was one of the few men who refused to escape jail while he knew that he was going to be…show more content…
Socrates goes on to mention that evil should not be paid back with evil when he asks “And is it just to repay evil with evil, as the multitude thinks, or unjust?” (59). These are all main reasons why it was the right thing for Socrates to not have escaped. Socrates was a very loyal citizen to Athens even though the citizens of Athens did to him the greatest punishment that he could possibly receive. The state and its citizens did unjustly serve him because of the unjust trial but he still see’s it in him to do the right thing and not escape. He gives Crito the explanation that if he were to escape from jail he would be doing an unjust thing and doing great harm to the city of Athens by totally disregarding its laws. It would totally break the system and possible cause chaos in the city. The judicial system would be ruined while destroying peace and increasing danger in Athens. With the decision to escape from jail, Socrates would be doing great harm to many things including the people, the city, its laws, and himself. He makes the argument that if he was to hurt someone unjustly which he would if he had escaped, he would be hurting his own soul and from the beginning when he said its not about living but its all about living justly we get the sense that this is the wrong decision to make for him. It was right for Socrates to realize this because all these reasons add up to
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