Socrates Characteristics Of Philosophi

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Socrates’ Compelling Attributes
(A discussion of Socrates’ characteristics, in Plato’s The Republic, that make him so enthralling as an individual)
“He was remarkable for the absolute command he maintained over his emotions and his apparent indifference to physical hardships” (Kenny). Some refer to Socrates as remarkable, influential, or even intriguing, yet what does it mean to be intriguing? It is someone who is significantly unique in comparison to the majority of the public. An intriguing person leaves his or her mark with almost anyone that crosses their path. Many will attest that Socrates was a man who left most people he met, in a different state of mind. He was one to make people question the society that they live in and honestly, not many people during that time period were appreciative of his intelligence. Although there is not very much known about Socrates, as he himself never wrote anything down, characteristics about him can be inferred through the reading of the dialogues his student, Plato, wrote. In the first two books of Plato’s dialogue, The Republic, there are many aspects of Socrates that make him such an enthralling and influential individual even today. Being quick witted is one attribute of Socrates, which makes him such an intriguing individual. The Socratic method of teaching is possibly what Socrates is best known for in modern times. Asking a question, receiving an answer, and then asking another question that makes that answer seem invalid is

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