Socrates Just Society Analysis

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While Socrates visited an old friend, Cephalus, Socrates begins asking him and the men around him what justice is. After receiving three definitions from Cephalus, Polemarchus, and Thrasymachus, Socrates debunks them and explains his version of a just society through the myth of the metals. The myth states that one day you awake and find that the Gods have infused you with one of three metals: gold, silver, or bronze. These metals determine your status in society. After comparing the three classes, I have decided which one fits me best and formed an opinion on the whether the rule of the wise is just.
The lowest and largest class is the bronze class. If you have bronze infused into your blood, you are considered a worker, and will be doing the labor of the city. This class is associated with the groin of classical virtues, or the temperance. Socrates believes that the worker class’s capability of truth is simply that of public opinion. This is the only class that allows people to have families, enjoy free time, and indulge in life’s pleasures.
Next is the silver class. This class is associated with the heart, or courage. Citizens with silver infused into their blood are the warriors of the city-state. They are taken away from their birth mothers at birth and trained similarly to the Spartans. Socrates believes that this class level is only capable of educated guesses and not the actual truth.
The gold class is the highest and smallest in the society. This class is associated with the soul and wisdom. They are the philosopher kings and queens of the city-state and are completely separated from bodily pleasures. Only after winning a battle do members of the gold class have a chance to copulate. Any child born outside of the next nine months is killed upon birth. Similar to the silver class, babies are removed from their mothers at birth and raised in a school to train them as leaders and philosophers. The children are raised to see each other as brothers or sisters, and the parents are to remain unknown to each child, so that all will be unbiased.
If tomorrow I wake up, and was told that the Gods had incorporated metal into my blood, I believe that I would be in the gold class. I believe this firstly, because I
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