Socrates Life

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Socrates once said “Life without this sort of examination is not worth living”. (Apology 38a) These words were spoken by him at his very own trial, where he was being charged with not believing in the Gods of the city, and corrupting the youth. Socrates was a very interesting man, who questioned every assumption about virtue, wisdom, and the good life. I think there were multiple reasons for which Socrates made this claim. The first reason being that Socrates felt very strongly about not only expressing his thoughts and beliefs, but also sharing them with others who were willing to listen. Another reason I believe Socrates made this claim is because he seems to be saying that it is much more important to have wisdom and/or truth than to be concerned with all of the materialistic things in life. I believe that the unexamined life is a life that is lived by the rules and wants of others, and not taking the initiative to explore if that is what you truly want in life. It is pushing people to dig deeper and to help them become the best versions of themselves that they can be. People should live up to their full potential and never settle for less. In other words, you should be a leader, and not a follower. I also believe that he is…show more content…
He insists that we should worry more about how we can continue to become a better person and not worry so much about showing off for other people, and worrying what they think of us. All that should really matter is that you are a good and honest person on the inside, and go out of your way to help others be better versions of themselves. As long as you are always learning something new, sharing your wisdom, and being true to yourself, you will continue to see results and improve your
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