Socrates Moral Value

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In 445a-b, Socrates convinces Glaucon that being a just person is desirable in itself and profitable for the individual, while it is less valuable for the individual to live in unjust ways. Socrates defends the value of being a just person by arguing that as long as the individual fulfills its proper roles, he or she is living justly— which leads to a life worth living. Specifically, Socrates believes there are certain parts of the soul that have roles to be satisfied in order to live justly. He claims that when these parts of the soul work together, there is an internal unity of the individual that will lead to a healthy condition of the soul, which is the most valuable way to live for the individual (443e). Although Socrates thoroughly explains…show more content…
By explaining each part of the soul, Socrates conveys that when all the parts of the soul are working together, it will create an internal harmony that will lead to a just life. He explains that with that internal unity, living a just life will be desirable for its own sake— since one would not want to be troubled by chaos and disunity. However that explanation does not make having a just character desirable in itself; Socrates’ definition of justice isn’t applicable to everybody. Also, there are not always good consequences out of having a unified soul— in fact, having a unified soul can lead to disadvantages and having a disunified soul can reap…show more content…
His claim that having a unified soul leading to a just life is not always applicable. There are instances, which Socrates didn’t consider, where having a unified soul doesn’t always lead to a just life and that having a disunified soul was actually the better way of living. Socrates also claimed that if everybody lived justly, there would be a system of justice where everybody treated each other well and lived according to what was morally right. However, this claim is very implausible and more of a far-fetched notion rather than an attainable goal. It is unfeasible for every single person to want to live according to Socrates’ definition of justice and people also have their own denotations of what it means to live justly. Therefore, Socrates is unsuccessful in showing that having a just character is desirable in
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