Socrates Essay

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Socrates Worldview

Socrates was a raggedy old man that spent his time searching and looking for all of the answers to the world. The readings we started on took us to Socrates in his last days and arguing with friends if he should escape or not. We will get to look at though the worldview analysis Socrates findings of his years searching and his personal view portrayed by ones around him.

Bodily Attachment
Socrates believes the human problem is inside us ourselves. We are all souls inhibiting bodies and Socrates states that the body is our problem. “So long as we keep to the body and our soul is contaminated with this imperfection, there is no chance of our ever attaining satisfactorily to our object, which we
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He loved what he did and it was the thing that fulfilled him. That being said he said, “The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.” (Socrates) Gathering knowledge and asking people of power why something is correct and just getting truth is also happiness to Socrates. To make Socrates happy all he wanted to do was continue to walk around and enlighten everyone he could talk to by showing them what he believed in and in his mind helping them. He felt he was doing God’s work

When you ask the question of origin you are asking why is there something rather than nothing. This question to Socrates is backwards but I agree with him and see exactly where he is coming from. To Socrates life and therefore our origin does not start until we free our souls from our bodies. This is done in death and within death origin is born. I have concluded this from Socrates unfazed and not scared of death. He was ready to be born again and learn more in wherever he ends up. And he quotes, “I fancy that death will help us to find out the answer to our problem.” (Phaedo 64d)

Morality Stick to ones own believe and desire sets. That is your morality and how you believe and your believe set is what you should consider correct. He states that no one should hurt one another though but from one saying something is right and correct doesn’t mean that it is even if that person

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