Socrates Personality

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If there were an NFL for philosophers, Socrates would be the MVP every year, have dozens of Super Bowl rings, and be one of the few in the hall of fame. Though Socrates lived before Christ was born, his ideas are still relevant in today’s society. Not many people can say that their words will have a direct impact on people’s lives in 100 years, let alone 2,500 years. Socrates’ impact throughout history is the reason why he is considered to be one of the greatest thinkers of all time. A good amount of what we know about Socrates’ personality comes from the writings of Plato. In Plato’s The Trial and Death of Socrates, the reader can develop a vivid image of the type of person Socrates would be. After reading this book, I believe that Socrates was a composed man who spoke with conviction and would not rest until he found an answer. His personality is definitely something to strive for. However, Socrates always needed an answer, and sometimes his answers would contradict each other. There is no doubt that Socrates is full of wisdom and experience, but all of his wisdom must come from failure at some point in life. Socrates was not a politician. He would give unpopular answers, make fools out of people who questioned his intelligence, and refuse to give into…show more content…
Many players do not know how to respond to questions, and a lot of coaches lose their cool while at the podium. However, Bill Belichick and his New England Patriots have mastered the art of post game press conferences. The players learn from Belichick to be concise and direct with their answers. The brevity of Belichick’s wise statements make him comparable to Socrates. Belichick’s stage presence is similar to Socrates when he is on trial for corrupting the youth of Athens. Obviously, Belichick is not influencing society as a whole like Socrates did. However, Belichick is changing the NFL and the game of football, one Sunday at a
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