Socrates : The Three Reasons Of Escape By Socrates

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For Socrates it just to question his fellow citizens about how they live, even if they were a law that forbid to do so. If there was a law against asking doing philosophy, he would break that law because this is what he lives for. He is now in jail because is accused of introducing new gods and corrupting the virtue of youth, moving away from the principles of democracy. He thinks that is unjust for him to escape from his punishment. Crito tries to convince Socrates presenting three arguments on why Socrates should escape. But Socrates main reason for not doing so is that doing unfair actions harms the soul of one, and that life is not worth living with a soul in ruins. Socrates Athenian philosopher, with possibility of death. He has…show more content…
He points out that pursuing goodness is how Socrates professes to lead his life, and that a good man would see that his children are cared for. Crito says that staying in jail is the easiest thing to do, but fleeing requires courage, and what is right, what is good is worth for his children.

In response to Crito, Socrates argues that the opinion of an expert is more important than the opinion of the majority. He gives the example of someone in training. Such a person does not pay attention to the advice of the general public, but to his coach. If you listen to public opinion, on what they have to say, it could harm your body because only your couch can tell you what you must do in order to succeed. Socrates extends the analogy to decide the correct form of action. If we listen to the people instead, we could harm our souls, we are mutilated by wrong actions and benefited by the right ones. Socrates admits that, as a majority, the general public has the power to kill people, but he states that the most important thing is not to live, but to live a good life. Therefore, is not worth following the opinion of the people if it means sacrificing something that is important to living a good life. Is not really important to live but to live well. Therefore, he considers whether is morally right to pay the guards and escape. Socrates begins to address this problem by considering the consequences for the city of Athens. He says that the laws and the

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