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To question what no man has questioned before, that is what we praise Socrates for. Socrates’ Philosophies grew out of his questioning of the social norm. Using this technique, he seems to always focus on three main aspects: justice, virtue, and morality. Socrates claims that he has no wisdom. He states, “I know I have no wisdom, great or small.” The world has an infinite number of possibilities and anything he declares understanding, is extremely minimal compared to the possibilities that exist in the world, there is so much out there that hasn’t been exposed yet. Socrates had many thoughts and ideas over things people never even took time to think about. He thought differently and always more intensely than others. Socrates says that knowledge is essential to a person. He concluded that a person’s evil and wrong actions come from their ignorance and their failure to investigate. He was also convinced that no one knowingly does wrong, if a person does not know what is right, then that person will do wrong, but in the other hand, if the person knows what is right, they will most definitely do right. He once mentioned that “the unexamined life is not worth living” introducing the idea of Universal Definitions, meaning although individual things may vary and be constructed differently the definitions of how they are similar, are permanent. The most important thing about Socrates was the fact that he was a teacher. He taught anywhere and everywhere, he even went up to people,

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