Socrates World Views

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Socrates Paper The goal of this paper is to discern and construct the world views of Socrates through the various readings, lectures and videos that we have seen in class. Some of these sources include: Socrates by G. Rudebusch; excerpts from The Last Days of Socrates by Plato; and The Allegory of a Cave. Of the nine world views covered in class, I will delve into my interpretation of four of them as seen through the various sources that we have been exposed to in class. These four world views will include Death, Condition, Solution and Morality. Finally, I will use my understanding of the world *views assessment to critique Socrates’ view of morality. Death The first and most obvious worldview that I wanted to cover is Socrates’ view…show more content…
At this point, Socrates has concluded that our disposition for ignorance arises in the fact that humanity looks for guidance in the many and not in one sole holder of knowledge such as a sage. It is through this that Socrates also identifies the solution to this problem, stating that, “what we ought to worry about is not so much what people in general will say about us but what the experts… the single authority and with him the truth itself.” (Crito 48a). In conclusion, It is Socrates’ * belief that, “There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance.” (Diogenes Laertius). This condition, according so Socrates, can be remedied through the constant quest for knowledge, and by looking to the right people to obtain it. Morality The final fundamental question in which I chose to decipher is the question of morality and ethics. What shall I do? Who is the ideal person? What is the right ethical system? The answer to this question in my eyes was made clear by Socrates’ * constant consideration towards justice. That is, Socrates see justice as the highest good. To explain, within the first ten pages of my exposure to Socrates, he blatantly states that, “[Humanity] has only one thing to consider in performing
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