Socrates 's Argument On The Jury

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Socrates’s offering to the jury is to tell the truth, despite not admitting that it is simply his truth and thus not the entire truth, he is not able to convey to the jury the importance of not killing him. A bad citizen would try to undermine the jury by committing perjury and disobeying the decision of the court. He however, wouldn’t even like it if the jury committed perjury on his behalf, “Socrates says what he means on the stand hold honesty above all else, so when he is offered a chance to escape from his execution he does not take it. By refusing to escape, he reiterates how sticking to agreements is important to him. Socrates ' commitment to the societal agreement between him and the city where he is allowed to live in Athens and…show more content…
He would be a bad citizen if he were to leave because it would mean doing wrong, and as he agreed with Crito, doing wrong is always bad. If he acted on escaping from Athens he would be not only breaking, but destroying the law and thus doing harm to the city. In his hypothetical argument with the law, the law states that his idea that because the courts wronged him, he should not now wrong them because the two parties are not equal. The Athenian government believes that is is bad to wrong your country because they have given him everything: his life, education and nurturing as they did with his ancestors. This argument tells Socrates, how the gods want him to care about his country more than his own family and though he does not fear death he does think of judgement from the gods. It is difficult to say whether he is a good citizen because we do not know what standard to use - to use the athenian standard of citizenship would be to not do wrong to one 's country (ie leaving it and destroying the laws or corrupting it) but they also think that people should respect their country more than their own family. The modern view of citizenship where the government provides for the people and they owe nothing back save taxes and occasionally military service. Between different times and places the idea of what is good changes. Currently, our society does not hold the same values as the ancient city of Athens, consequently when
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