Socrates 's Views On Socrates

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Socrates could undeniably be described as one of the most influential philosophers and greatest thinker of his time. His views can be interpreted many different ways, but most would agree that he sought out wisdom and truth for the betterment of himself and his community. Though Socrates was one of the most intelligent men of his time, he was very foolish to never write his own book. For this reason, after his passing, one of his students, Plato, began to write a book about his teachings and ideas called Plato: Five Dialogues. In this book, we examined Plato’s Meno in which Meno asks Socrates “can virtue be taught?” but, Socrates quickly transforms this question into “what is virtue?”. This questions ultimately consumes the entirety of this dialogue, and in the end, Meno proves to lack originality in his arguments by simply agreeing with each thing Socrates states. While Meno thought he knew the answer to this question, Socrates provides a different opinion. Although Meno does not learn anything in the course of this dialogue, Socrates still remains one of the most influential teachers and philosophers of his time. In this essay I shall focus on the question of who is Socrates, next I will examine what teaching and learning really mean, and finally I will conclude with the fact that Meno does not actually learn anything from Socrates.
Socrates, born in 470 BC in Athens, Greece, knew from a very young age the profound love and passion he carried for philosophy. His unendingly
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