Socs Vs Greasers

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The Socs and Greasers are complete opposites but they both have some of the same problems.In the book “The Oudsiders “by S.E Hinton,the main person join a gang but the gang has a enemy gang,the Socs.The socs are different to the Greasers but they both have some of the same problems.Some of the same problems the face is family issues,pressure from friends,and alcohol.

First of all, one of the problems they both face is family issues.In alure of gangs it says that if parents don’t pay attention to their children they will do bad stuff.When children don’t have an adult supervison they might do some stupid things.Without adult supervison Ponyboy join a gang and Bob tries to kill Ponyboy. Also, in the book The Outsiders The socs drank alcohol
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