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The Disagreement: Lenora and Joshua
When you are in a relationship, arguments or disagreements can arise. They can often trigger strong emotions that lead to hurtful words and uneasiness. If these conflicts are not resolved in a healthy way, resentment and a dissolved relationship could follow. However, when they are resolved in a proper manner, it could promote growth between the couple and fortify the bonds of their relationship (Conflict Resolution Skills).
In the case between Lenora and Joshua, they are having a disagreement about Lenora returning to the workforce, now, when Christa is only 3 months old instead of waiting until Christa is 5 years old. To handle this situation properly, there are ten guidelines that can assist
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Joshua must understand that Christa’s needs are not just Lenora’s responsibility. His participation is detrimental towards the development of their child.
Guideline 4: Avoid Mixed, of Double Messages
Leonora needs to mitigate criticizing Joshua on how his income doesn’t cover the monthly expenses. She should demonstrate that if she returned to work, the financial burden would be reduced.
Joshua’s perspective on day care should be emphasized because it will produce an unnecessary expense. Furthermore, a large part of their income would result in the consumption of day care.
Guideline 5: When You Can, Choose the Time and Place Carefully
Lenora and Joshua should set time aside to discuss their conflict instead of randomly arguing over the same issues. By doing this, it gives each other time to put thoughts together instead of saying something that they don’t mean or is derogatory.
Guideline 6: Address a Specific Issue, Ask for a Specific Change, and Be Open to Compromise
Lenora needs to express her desire to go back to work because it will benefit both Christa and the family. But at the same time, Lenora should consider the affect it will have on her when she goes back to work. Maybe the solution could be to compromise with Joshua, to stay at home for one more year, to nurture Christa.
Joshua should sympathize with her desire to go back to work for the positive effects it will have on the family’s welfare. He should analyze the

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