Sodium Pentothal: Truth Serum

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Sodium Pentothal / (Truth Serum)
Sodium pentothal is more commonly known as truth serum.Sodium Pentothal is a chemical compound made up of eleven parts carbon, seventeen parts hydrogen, two parts oxygen, two parts nitrogen, one part sulfur,and one sodium.the drug can have depressant effects and it also can act as a barbiturate. The drug is mostly used in interrogation, but it can also be used for helping people relax before you receive general anesthesia with an inhaled medication. But still the most common use for sodium pentothal is the use as an interrogation drug. It is still used as a truth serum drug but not as common anymore.The way barbiturates work are through acting on your GABAA receptor in the brain and spinal cord. A GABAA receptor is a class of receptors that respond to the the chief inhibitory neurotransmitter in the vertebrate central nervous system and brain. This chemical compound’s trade name that it goes by is just known as pentothal. As most pharmacists would call it .The effect of the drug is to depress CNS to produce hypnosis and anesthesia without analgesia. Pentothal is degraded in the liver and to a point is also degraded in the kidney and brain. The group of fluid in the spine is slightly less than in plasma.
The way this drug is secreted from the body is through the most common way that other wastes are eliminated from the body through the process of urination. Which as a result means you can be drug tested for sodium pentothal and it can
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