Essay about Sodom and Gomorrah

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Since the early 19th century archaeologists and Christian bible scholars have discovered a difference in archaeological and geographical evidence that supports a northern view of Sodom or a southern view of Sodom. The Southern site for Sodom is commonly referred to as the Bab edh-Dhra and the northern site for Sodom is referred to as the Tall el-Hammam. Since archaeologists have not uncovered exact evidence indicating a particular site as the biblical Sodom, the search for Sodom remains a mystery. To accurately investigate these sites
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He states, “The city wall, enclosing an area of 9-10 acres, was a massive 7m (23 ft) wide and made of stones and mud bricks.”[8] Although the Bab edh-Dhra has not been confirmed as the definite biblical Sodom, there is very strong evidence linking it to the Sodom described in the infallible Word of God. However, a professor from Albuquerque has followed and found based on the geography and history presented in the Bible a site called Tall el-Hammam, the northern site in question. Dr. Collins and many other scholars believe that this site is actually the correct site for biblical Sodom. Therefore, throughout the next section of this paper, a detailed analysis to the Tall el-Hammam will be done. Tall el-Hammam is the site located on the northern circular plain of the southern Jordan Valley. Proponents of this site are, Charles W. Wilson, H.H. Kitchener, Claude R. Conder, Selah Merrill, Henry B Tristram, William M. Thomson, George Grove and Henry S. Osborn.[9] They form their conclusion based on an analysis of the Hebrew text and their understanding of geography. Dr. Collins explains that the place that Lot set out to is clearly between Bethel and Ai.[10] This location provides the evidence for scholars to lean towards the Tall el-Hammam as the biblical Sodom, instead of the southern site, Bab edh-Dhra. Supporting this, a majority of biblical scholars locate Bethel, near Beitin, about 12 miles north of Jerusalem. Therefore, if Sodom
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