Sodomy In Religion

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It’s not strange to see a blind man! But to see a whole city of blind men is another thing.

The people in the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were very wicked and perverted. So much so that when they saw two men enter lot’s house, they knocked on his door and said “Send those men out to us that we might know them (they meant sexually)”. The men were angels. They pulled lot back into the house and blinded the whole city of men. Even though they were blinded, they still kept trying to find the door and forcibly get to the visitors in lot’s house.

This 19th Chapter of Genesis shows you just what God says about homosexuality. Having sex anally is what the men in these cities practiced. The word “Sodomy” comes from the City of Sodom. So, don’t get angry at me for telling you the truth, I’m only giving you God’s
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When God told him to leave his home, kindred and his father’s house and go to a strange land, Abraham obeyed. He didn’t worry how it looked to anyone. When the Lord tells us to do something, we worry about how it will look to others. Usually, the things God tells us to do seem strange anyway. Why do you think it requires faith? I’d rather look crazy to man and please God any day. On one occasion however, when he had to stop in Gerab, he feared for his life because his wife was beautiful and if a ruler of a land liked your wife, they would kill you and take her. So, he told his wife Sarah to say that she was his sister. This kept him from being killed but that king still had made plans for Sarah to be his wife. Well, because Abraham was going to be “The Father of many nations” and because Sarah was part of that plan, God shut up the wombs of the house of King Abimelech; his wife couldn’t conceive and the maid servants couldn’t either. The Lord spoke to the king in a dream and let him know that he was a dead man for Sarah is someone’s wife. Abraham and Sarah confessed all and was rebuked by the king but blessed and released
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