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American Intercontinental University Project Type: MKT 651 Unit 1 Individual Project Abstract Sof-A-Logue is a top social media company focused on dedicating it’s time to the way customers converse in the virtual and wireless world. Customers stay in touch by email, text, voice email and picture, which Sof-A-Louge aim to make a better experience. Introduction Sof-A-Logue is creating a new marketing plan which will help them to become more recognizable to new markets and customers. Facebook and LinkedIn are also social media companies which we will use to compare strategies. Part 1: Brief Background of the Companies LinkedIn was started by Reid Hoffman in 2002. LinkedIn is about helping customers be more…show more content…
It also gives businesses free advertising and publicity through updates, creation of Fan Pages and applications. Facebook also allows users to keep track of events, join groups, network with people and buy things among the few. Facebook differs by the amount of information other users can view as well as the large amount of applications assessable through the company but is not allowed in China. Facebook is more for social networking while LinkedIn is geared more towards professional networking. Facebook allows users create lists of professional friends so that they can get information to specific people. Both LinkedIn and Facebook can be used to job hunt. Part 2: Overview of a Marketing Strategy for a A marketing strategy will help differentiate a business form other business in the same line of business. The best way to differentiate a business is to create a core message. By having a unique approach business can eliminate competition. Sof-A-Logue’s goals for the new year are to build their brand with a clear market value proposition and create plan’s product strategy. They also want to develop customer profiles by using customer segmentation systems and position the company as the number one personal communications company by a new hybrid marketing campaign. The marketing team will present The Power of Less which focuses on eliminating anything not contributing to the success of the company. The marketing team will focus on simpler,

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