Sofia Vergara

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Sofia Vergara has been known to be a representative figure to the Hispanic population. From being a model, actress, to even a business woman she has become extraordinarily popular in the mass media. Recently, she has been branded to be the face of Pepsi advertisements. Specifically, in a Pepsi advertisement done in 2013 where she modeled to be placed in several magazines. Sofia Vergara is seen wearing a tight midnight blue dress to represent the colors of the company Pepsi. While lying down on her stomach, she’s happily drinking on a Diet Pepsi with a straw. The background is shown to have hearts to stress the love towards her Diet Pepsi, and on the upper right hand corner saying, “Love Every Sip”. Like many Hollywood celebrities she has an…show more content…
Perceptions of a Girl in Childlike vs. Sexualizing Clothing” written by the authors Kaitlin Graff, Sarah K. Murnen, and Linda Smolak, they do a study on how girls are perceived in societies eyes when dressed in a more sexual manner. In the study there are pictures of a fifth-grade girl dressed in either childlike clothing or super sexualized clothing. A group of diverse students are presented with three different types of pictures and they define whether the girl is average or above average in her achievements. Concluding in their study it presents that wearing more sexualized clothes do affect how they are looked upon and they don’t regard their achievements throughout life. In the study it states, “sexualization of women in advertisements increased significantly in the U.S. between 1983 and 2003” (Graff, Murnen, & Smolak 765) proving that sexualized advertisements have drastically been impacting societies ideal…show more content…
With changing their appearances, it causes drastic magnitude of changes as said in this section from the study, “measures have been linked to a variety of negative outcomes including depressive symptoms, disordered eating, and sexual dysfunction” (Graff, Murnen, & Smolak 766). As Vergara is hyper-sexualized in her advertisement by making her seem curvy and skinny at the same time, it causes women to make it their goal to achieve this look. In the ad Vergara is seen drinking a Diet Pepsi soda. No mistake that she’s drinking specifically a Diet Pepsi as opposed to a regular Pepsi. Causing a huge craving towards the audience to buy the product. What the Pepsi company intends to do is connect the product with an attractive body image. Thus this message is received early on in the audience’s mind, drinking a Diet Pepsi perhaps could make them achieve the goal of having the ideal appearance as shown in her
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