Soft Addiction Essay

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Many people hear the word addiction and imagine person that is heavily addicted to drugs or alcohol. Not that many people hear about soft addictions which are usually harmless thing people do in their day to day lives like listening to music in the morning or checking your phone. Although these things might be harmless activates you do to relieve stress they can be sometimes very unhealthy for you as well. Though the person might get a feeling of pleasure from their soft addiction for instance like drinking coffee every time you're stressed, or going on social media every hour, eventually it will start a toll on your physical and mental health. It is important to control your soft addictions, although it make you feel like you’re in…show more content…
It is fine to be on social media and be active on line but it is not fine once it states to take over your daily life and block you from seeing what's important.
Millions of people all around the world drink coffee in the mornings,but most people don't go overboard with it and use it as an escape goat like Mary Curley. Mary soft addiction which was drinking coffee in the morning to drinking coffee when ever she is stress became her addiction. She would disappear into a closet at work whenever things became stressful and wouldn't come out until she finishes her coffee. “These day I'm doing more and more” (490) Mary states, by drinking more and more she puts her health at risk. By drinking too much coffee it can cause you to have a rapid heart rate which is not good for you and can lead you to having other health risks.
Many people suffer from stress every day and people cope with it differently for Maryann Reiper she has chocolate black outs. “On days when things are really bad- too many vacant apartments, unpaid rent, eviction notices- i'll reach for another handful and realize the bowl is empty. Only i have no memory of having eaten them all”(490). Although eating M & M Having is relatively harmless it can still be bad for you. Having no recollection of eating can harm you because you can end up overeating and gaining weight. Not only that it can also
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