Soft-Benthic Macrofauna Case Study

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Ecological Impacts Impacts on soft-bottom benthic macrofauna The impact to the benthic invertebrate macrofauna occurs from the disturbance of the substratum from dredging at the proposed sand winning sites, this results in habitat loss and death of resident infanua (Biccard, Clark, Porter and Hutchings, 2012). However the significance is considered to be low as the proposed dredging site signify an abundant sandy-bottom habitat which can be considered tolerant to disturbance when compared to bioclastic sediments and reefs (Biccard et al., 2012). In addition, the size of the area where the proposed impact will occur is negligible when compared to the size of the total area with the same type of habitat (Biccard et al., 2012). Dredged benthic
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