Soft Body Caterpillar Robot More Efficient Than Current Robots

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Adrian Hammer
Soft body caterpillar robot more efficient than current robots.

To understand why the inspiration of the common caterpillar is used to create the next generation of soft structure robots and what they will be used for once they are completed.

The caterpillar inspired robot is one of the first of its kind using a soft body to mimic that of its inspired. This is one of the main major points of why I choose to pick this instead of any other biology related topic simply because if it is the same size as a caterpillar it can be used in a vast majority of different common day practices.

Since this a new improvement upon current robotic technology all its uses are currently unknown but with the size of a caterpillar it can adapt to a variety of uses such as doctors. Currently doctors use small cameras attached to a long wire to observe internals but now with this caterpillar it may be possible to place this inside a body without the help of aesthetic in a few minutes instead of a lengthy procedure.
Economically it can open up a variety of jobs in the robotics industry creating more work. This can then be used to try new technologies, materials and replacing outdated technologies.
Ethically it can be used in a variety of medical practises. Just like stated above it can observe organs and reduce surgery time. If someone had a blood clot inside them, instead of going into a lengthy procedure of cutting someone open

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